Lawn and Irrigation Design

A well thought-out irrigation system design can ensure you achieve a  beautiful healthy garden and lawn while conserving water and saving time.

Our team will provide you with a custom irrigation plan that will identify the best sprinklers for your property, taking into consideration your water supply and coverage needs. Our plan will include instructions on where to lay your pipes and the
best locations for your sprinklers, while avoiding areas such as paths, decks, and fences.

We will provide you with a system design that will effectively and efficiently maintain your lawn, so you can relax and enjoy
your lush green lawn without worrying about wasting water and time.

To get started download our handy checklist, follow the 3 easy steps below:


Measure your water supply accurately by timing how long it takes to fill a 9-litre bucket, and calculate your flow rate in litres. 

We will take off a percentage to allow for friction loss in the pipe.

Wetta Irrigation Measure Flow


Use our downloadable grid template to create a scale drawing of your watering area. Make sure to include your taps and any  obstacles like paths, decks, fences, driveways or other objects that may affect where the sprinklers can spray or where the pipes can be laid. 

Please show all measurements in metres.

Wetta Irrigation Measure Draw


Take a photo or scan your completed scale drawing and send it to us along your checklist and we will create your custom  irrigation design that will save water, and time.

Please email to or fill out details in the form below.

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